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It's bursting with fun! - Welcome to the official Furry Romania Fandom. We are glad to have you and no matter who you are, you will always have a home here. Our Discord server is designed with fun, freedom and diversity in mind, all blended into a relaxing atmosphere. So come and join the fun!

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About Furry Romania

We are the biggest Furry Community in Romania that represents the fandom internationally, part of Europe Furs. We started way back in 2007 growing constantly. Now is 2020 and we have big plans for the near and far future. This is counter-culture from the furry underground. Eternal revolution this is our sound. Better than the best and harder than the rest. The generation with super powers. Everything here is guaranteed quality so we invite all the furries to start the show. We lift a glass up and say: Cheers! Surely you will like it, stop thinking about where to start or to finish. Let everything come from the imagination.

Our Wonderful Team


We asked some furries what they like the most at Romanian Furry Fandom. This is what we got:


Transylvania Comic Con

Romania Furry Fandom in visit at Comic Con 2019 - Cluj!

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