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The first edition in Cluj!

23 thousand people participated in the first edition of Transylvania Comic Con that took place over the past weekend. Thus, many fans of movies, series, comics or video games met at the Multipurpose BT Arena. Several famous actors were invited to the event, including David Nykl (Stargate Atlantis, Arrow), Rick Cosnett (The Vampire Diaries), Alexander Ludwig (Vikings, The Hunger Games), Manu Bennett (Spartacus, The Hobbit, Arrow), Kevin McNally (Pirates of The Caribbean, Designated Survivor), Vladimir Furdik, the interpreter of the dreaded The Night King in Game of Thrones. Visitors were able to choose from thousands of exhibitors' products, enjoyed both retro games (PacMan, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario and many more) as well as cutting-edge games. The gaming competitions organized by Digital Crusade were also lacking.

To my surprise, I met a lot of people who know about furry fandom and were surprised by the existence of Romanian fursuiters, so in 3 days I made almost 100 pictures of furries or just people who liked my run. These people were of all ages, I would say that I took more pictures with adults than with children. My main goal was to promote the furry culture in Romania to show that there is a desire for novelty. The cosplayers were rich and, in my opinion, they are the main attraction of this event. The various costumes that imitated cartoon characters, video games, movies or original characters were generally of good quality. The various activities organized by the partners were few, most of them based on gaming through PC component sponsors. The only social activities were organized through social games such as the huge Carcassonne that could be played with friends. The panels were exclusively based on the actors from the series, except for the cosplay contest. In case the interviews bore you then the events of the organizer are equal to 0.

The merchandise had a festival price, I would like to point out the very poor quality t-shirts and sweatshirts that you only paid the prince on. Nothing particularly attracted me, just the board games, the objects being, for the most part, only decorative and of low artistic quality, but a good technical quality. In total, the 3-day subscription is not absolutely worth it, only if you want to purchase extra tickets for photo sessions and autographs with the actors, which, in my opinion, is not worth it. The organizers should insist on various activities and panels and preferably more to motivate you to take the subscription and not a day ticket.

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