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Misconception and the Real World

The Deep Web is not something impressive, scary or cool. In all reality - are web pages that are not indexed by search engines for whatever reason. Generally when people are talking about the Deep Web, they actually refer to the Darknet, which basically is a cluster of computers that are meshed together in order to create a network. They use those words interchangeably when in fact they're not. The whole idea of staying anonymous online is ridiculous and foolish and just idiotic. The thought that you would use any services on the Internet and the web and be anonymous is a joke. It is laughable. It is beyond laughable. It's the foolishness of people. There is no real way to stay anonymous online. The reality is that you can always be tracked. The only question is how many resources does the person who wants to track you want to devote to try to track you. So even if you're bouncing your packets through multiple proxy servers and VPNs and Tor network and all this kind of horse crap, you can still be tracked. The reality is that when the internet was developed, when TCP/IP for the Internet, the networking protocol that we use for the internet was developed, they weren't worried about being anonymous. This was all supposed to be trusted computers on trusted networks communicating with each other. As a conclusion: the idea that you would have privacy or that things would be anonymous online is absolute laughable.

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