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Art as a Philosophy

I like the idea of teaching. It's pride in some strange way what I would possibly do in another reality. I always try to explain to people that I think, art is far more important then politics. And for some people like me it is the closest thing that can be religious. I like the idea of God is suppose to be about creation so I think artists are gods of creation. Art to me is a question mark. I don't think it should be an answer. If you are an artist, your goal is to affect people whatever is in a negative way or positive way, I think ultimately, that is the role of an artist in society.

Arts include all sort of creative expression. Without a creative outlet, humans become resentful and irritable. Painting, sculpting, building, singing, dancing, writing, and creating are all valid expressions of thought. Just as a journal/diary can help a person organize thoughts through a tough time in his or her life, so can building a treehouse, writing or singing a song or painting a portrait.

Arts of all kinds provide beauty in our world. Without beauty, there is no pleasure. Without pleasure, there is only discontent and anger. People need beautiful things to look at, experience, and enjoy. True, not everyone see the beauty in a piece of modern art or a mural in an inner-city park, but the beauty is there for the creator and his/her audience.

Without arts programs in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, how will students discover these talents? Many students don't find their niche or the thing they are best at in life unless given the opportunity to explore with paint or other medium in art class, or wood and metal in shop, or material and thread or food in Home Ec. We need artists in our world, and they need to know their talents.

Arts encourage problem solving. How many times have you had a project in mind and ran into an issue that had to be solved before the final product could come from it? Change the medium, or the type of paint or glue, use a different kind of material, or some other issue. It's great for brain development!

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