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1Furry Way

In the Beginning

The Furry subculture entered Romania with the help of the Internet in 2007, finding discussions on this topic in forums such as Softpedia. One year later, the current becomes a lifestyle. By 2019, the furry subculture in Romania has about 200 fans (constantly growing) which meets every year at the East European Comic Con.

Role Playing Philosophy

In the past pretty much everybody were survivalists. They had to be, because they were free human-beings, undomesticated. Being a survivalist simply means that you have the intelligence to foresee that some problems may come and then you prepared to cope with them. The difference between a person who is a survivalist and a person who is not, it’s simply that the person who is not, has been duped into thinking that he can trust the system to take care of him and he is also comfortable with the idea that he is dependent on the goodwill of others and a survivalist is the opposite. Simply a person who understands that he cannot trust the system that he has to be able to stand on his own two feet and that he should make preparations for situations that might occur in the future. A role-player is a person who rehearses survivalist situations. Most of the time it’s in some fantasy setting and has very little to do with reality but at the same time it does prepare the person for difficult situations because he would have rehearsed mentally difficult situations and he would have rehearsed or he were prepared his mind for a problem solution in that context. So when you play RP or RPG’s you put yourself into difficult situations and you deal with them and you learn how to solve often very difficult problems and in that context a role playing game is very much similar to survivalism.

The Fursona

Is the character with which a furry identifies with. The term comes from a combination of furry and persona (mask, fake face) and refers to a character, an alter ego, avatar or assumed identity with which a furry identifies. The fursona has a name, usually fictional, a species, distinctive colors, patterns, body features and so on. Some furries have more fursonas.

The Fursuit

Is a furry costume made out artificial fur which represents an anthropomorphic character representing one’s fursona. The fursuiters make up for a small percentage of the community, not all furries want a fursuit and it’s not a requirement for joining the fandom. The price of a fursuit varies from a few hundred euro/dollars for a partial suit (head, paws and tail) to a few thousand euro/dollars for a full fursuit which can have features like a moving jaw, LEDs, fans, moving ears and tail, wings etc. The fursuiters usually rely on body language to talk.

Written by: Raito Wolf

Hey ! You can call me Raito. I'm a fursuiter from Romania with a degree in cinematography and media. Imagine with me a place where anyone from this subculture can buy and sell products and services over the internet more easily. A sprawling market bazaar for furries around the world.

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